July Links: Summer Reads

I hope you’re all having an amazing summer. This month, I wanted to share a few links to stories that caught my eye over the last few weeks. They cover a range of topics from impact investing to productivity. I think you’ll find them an enjoyable read on a summer afternoon.

When Impact Investing Stays Local

Many families have charitable giving plans, but you might be less familiar with the idea of monitoring the effect of that giving. Sometimes referred to as impact investing, people “measure what their dollars accomplish.” It seems like an obvious idea, but it hasn’t always been easy to collect data and figure out what kind of giving has the biggest impact. Now, families have more options, particularly at the local level, to help their communities and know exactly how their donations have helped.

Just Hearing Your Phone Buzz Hurts Your Productivity

We like to think that technology helps us get more done. In reality, it can end up distracting us from what we’re trying to do. Take the beeping and buzzing of our smartphones. These notifications seem convenient, even helpful. But just think about how quickly they distract us from what we were doing. Try turning off your notifications for one day and see what happens. I bet you get more done because you’re interrupted less.

Science Says You’ll Probably Regret Your Next Decision

We *think* we know ourselves pretty well. But what we think we know and the reality of what we know, don’t always match up very well. Case in point, we’re bad at predicting how a particular decision will make us feel. For instance, we predict a visit to the doctor or an announcement at work will make us feel really bad. But the outcome isn’t as bad as we thought. On the positive side, we convince ourselves that finishing off our dessert will feel so good — until we feel sick from eating too much. We can get better at making decisions, but we need to start by understanding we’re biased to overestimate and underestimate how we’ll really feel about different outcomes.

5 ways to keep your financial information safer from hackers

I know a lot of people worry about protecting their information online, particularly their financial information. This list of tips might already be a habit for you, but if you have a parent or friend who isn’t as savvy as you, I hope you’ll share these best practices. Simple steps now can prevent a big, financial headache later.

It’s official: Dimensional Fund Advisors to open East Coast HQ in Charlotte

I love that part of our team at Strathmore Capital Advisors gets to call Charlotte, North Carolina, home. From serving our clients to raising our families, there’s a lot that makes Charlotte a great place to be. It turns out that our friends at Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) agree with us. As you may remember, we work with DFA to build smart portfolios around expected returns. So we were really excited to learn that DFA plans to make Charlotte their East Cost headquarters. This move means great things for Charlotte, including over 300 jobs and $100 million invested in a new facility. DFA continues to be a valuable resource for Strathmore and our clients. We look forward to having them in the neighborhood.

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