Personalized Financial Planning & Disciplined Wealth Management

Strathmore Capital Advisors, as a team of dedicated financial advisors, exists to provide peace of mind and financial health to our clients for current and future generations. We listen to understand what matters most to each individual client, and we are always available when clients need us. We act in our clients’ best interests.

How Does Undisciplined Wealth Management Feel?

Our disciplined financial advisors can help give you more peace of mind by offering solutions and managing these common financial planning and wealth management problems.

Emotional Investing is Exhausting

Volatility in the markets can lead to emotional decision-making.


Selling at a loss? You can lose again if you miss out on the market recovery.

Bigger Firms Are Impersonal

Ever feel like “just a number” or “lost in the shuffle?”


Larger firms may have hundreds of clients per advisor.

Always Being "Sold" Gets Old

So-called financial advisors may be incentivized to sell proprietary products.


Do you know whether your advisor is a fiduciary or commission-based?

Who's Running the Show?

When your financial world is managed by several different service providers, opportunities for collaboration may be overlooked as confusion takes over.

Everything Needs to be Updated

When was the last time you updated your Estate Plan? Did you forget to roll over that 401(k)? Did you remember to change your beneficiaries?


Keeping up can be overwhelming.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Big questions cause a lot of anxiety when your head hits the pillow.

Retirement, estate planning, tax-saving strategies, managing Social Security, leaving a legacy, how much is enough?

Why Choose Our Financial Advisors?

Our comprehensive, disciplined approach to financial advising seeks to create piece of mind – for current and future generations.

We Listen

and learn what matters most to you, so we can execute a personalized strategy for your financial health and long-term goals.

We Deliver

holistic, integrative wealth planning services by collaborating with your entire team and providing detail and clarity around portfolio and investment strategies.

Financial advising client drinking coffee on Lake Norman, NC

We Embrace

our fiduciary responsibility to prioritize your needs above all else. Empowered by clear and simple fee-only pricing, we remain independent from banks, fund companies, insurance companies, and broker-dealers.

We Care

enough to reassure our clients during unexpected events – in life and in the markets. Serving a smaller number of affluent clients allows our team to remain empathetic and treat you like family.

Who We Serve

Financial Planning and Asset Management Services, Defined by You.

We generally serve clients with $1 million or more of investable assets, including:

  • Individual & Families
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Institutional & Non-Profit Investors
Financial advising client with family on fishing trip

How Our Financial Advisors Can Help

A Simple, Three Step Process for More Peace of Mind

Step One:

We Listen

In our initial consultation, we listen and learn about your current challenges and what matters most to you.

Step Two:

We Plan

We deliver a detailed plan of action, offering solutions tailored to your financial health and long-term goals.

Step Three:

We Execute

When you choose to work with us, we will execute the plan and review, revise, and reinforce it with you at regular intervals.

Take the First Step Down the Path to Peace of Mind

Schedule a brief consultation to receive a financial plan summary, including actionable recommendations and strategies.

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